Harmony Ilenda, L.P.C.

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Individual Counseling and Therapeutic Services for Adults and Adolescents:

Individual Therapy, Premarital Counseling, & Couples/Marital Therapy

* Consultations in a relaxed and comfortable setting

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Welcome to the Practice of Harmony Ilenda,  Licensed Professional Counselor.  Located in Roswell, Georgia, Harmony provides counseling services for individuals, (including both male and female adults and adolescents) as well as premarital counseling and couples/marital therapy.

People choose to engage in individual counseling for many reasons.  You may be experiencing pain or confusion in your life, or even experiencing a transition that is causing stress or anxiety.  Depression and grief often bring people to counseling as well.  Therapy can often assist you in sorting out feelings and talking through important issues in your life.  Counseling is typically a long-term process, but short-term services are available as well.

If you're preparing to get married, consider Premarital Counseling.  It is recommended by most clergy and can sometimes provide a discount on your marriage license (some GA counties excluded).    Harmony uses the PREPARE inventory (www.prepare-enrich.com) to assist premarital couples in their journey to "walking down the aisle."  In-session exercises and "homework" help premarital couples anticipate and address problems in the relationship in a fun and low-pressure way.

Couples/Marital Therapy is often vital to keeping a marriage intact.  If you suspect that your marriage is in trouble, do not hesitate to engage in counseling.  If both parties are willing, the process can often reveal to couples the underlying problems and sources of tension that lead to discontent.  When new behaviors are learned and practiced, marital satisfaction often goes up.

As a Christian Counselor, Harmony sometimes incorporates prayer and scripture during the therapeutic process.  However, there is no discrimination based on one’s personal religious beliefs and these things are completely optional for the client to accept or reject. 

Both couples counseling and individual therapy sessions are conducted in a relaxed, comfortable, and private setting with convenient free parking.   Every effort is made to schedule appointments as soon as possible, and can often be made within the week.  Harmony can be reached directly at (404) 556-6662 to schedule a convenient appointment.  Evening hours are available.   Call for a free 20-minute evaluation to find out if counseling is right for you!
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